Terra Tangra Wine Cellar is located on the southwestern slopes of Sakar Mountain along the Maritsa River in the Thracian Plain. The winery specializes in the production of selected red, rosé and white wines of different varieties in limited boutique series. The wines are produced from grapes from their own vineyards, located on 350 hectares of land. The conditions for growing quality grapes in the area are more than excellent. The many sunny days of the year, the constant wind and sparse rainfall, together with the southern exposure of the vineyards, lead to a high temperature gradient. To it is added the shallow soil horizon, which in depth turns into decomposed granite. All these indicators comprehensively give grounds for experts to believe that the South Sakar region will become the most successful wine region "Terroir" in Bulgaria.
Vineyards: - 350 ha
Technology: The vineyards are under constant, strict supervision by a team of oenologists and agronomists to determine the exact date for the start of the harvest. The grapes are picked by hand in cassettes.
Fermentation: is classic - with great attention to detail, to the preservation and extraction of natural phenolic substances from the grapes, which make the wine characteristic, memorable and useful.